Looking for a new team member

So after some discussion with Khyle, I’ve come to the conclusion that we could do with more members in our team for Out of Time. Before I tell you what we’re looking for though, be warned that this is not exactly a paying job – not at first, anyway.

We’re looking for someone who can either do 3D modelling, or programming, or both. Preferably a modeller, though. Bonus points if you happen to be a pretty decent animator. Experience with Unity is preferred, though not mandatory.

If you take this up, you will eventually be in a position of co-managing the OOT project with Khyle. However, we can’t pay a salary or anything like that. Team Effigy is just made up of a couple of us who love making games. We can’t afford to pay anyone just yet. OOT is a commercial game, true, but until we actually start selling it, we’re not making a cent. We’ll let you know more details about this if you really like.

We’ll start you off modelling or programming first as you get to know the rest of us. There’ll be a trial period as we figure out if you fit in our team, and you figure out if you actually like working with such a ragtag bunch of people. If everything works out, you’ll be a permanent part of our team.

For more information, email me at auriond[at]teameffigy.com . Include a sample of your work, whether you do 3D art, animation or programming.

Looking forward to your responses!