The Marionette: Voice preview

Have you been wondering what happened to the voiced version of The Marionette? Wonder no more. Here’s a preview of the voice talents who have been working with me for the past 9 months. Because they (and myself) are volunteering their time for free, progress has been admittedly slow, but hey, it’s progressing, right?

In this video, and in order of appearance:

Giuseppe – James (kconan)
Martin – Steve (Calin Leafshade)
Charisse – vertigoaddict
Alice/Eshana – Miranda (dellaciel)

I’ve learnt a lot about working with voice actors online through this project, and I’ll probably write a post about that one of these days. But for now, enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Marionette: Voice preview

  1. Frank

    A few thoughts:
    * Giuseppe could lighten his accent.
    * Why is the daughter English while the mother is American?
    * The pace of the last conversation is too quick. You might want to edit in some extra time.

  2. Auriond Post author

    Thanks for the comments, Frank :) Let me see if I can explain some of them:

    1. Giuseppe’s accent is deliberately strong, and fake. I had that in mind when I wrote the character.

    2. That’s partly because of the availability of the voice actors. I know it’s not perfect and parts could be re-recorded before the final version. Thanks for pointing it out though.

    3. The pace of the conversation is controlled by the player clicking on to the next line, so that’s really up to the player. I’m not sure how I can “force” more time in between, but I can get the actors to speak more slowly.

  3. Lunatika

    Hi! I’m from Argentina and I have to say that The Marionette is one of the best indie games I’ve ever played.
    I’m a big fan of horror games (as you see, my website is about that kind of games ^^) and I enjoy adventure games too.
    I would be delighted if one day I have the oportunity to play this with voices.

    Keep working!


  4. Manar

    Giuseppe is very deep (do not let your desire for succes blinde you of other important things)

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