Out of Time: New game from Team Effigy

I’ve always wanted to make a game NOT like The Marionette. Yes, you heard me right. TM was an experiment at game-making, to pick up the skills needed to make THE game I wanted to make. And I think Out of Time may just be it.

Out of Time (or OOT for short) follows one Travis Walker, a young man trying to pick up the pieces after a traumatic accident.  He tries to slip back into normal society, but finds that a strange new ability he seems to have picked up somewhere along the way is preventing him from going back to his old life. And to make things worse, people seem to be committing suicide all around him. What’s a guy to do, huh?

OOT will feature a game engine coded from scratch. I can just hear Giuseppe going tsk tsk right now. Yes, it’s an ambitious project, but we’ll never know till we try, right?

OOT will also feature 3D graphics. Oh, I hear the collective groan from you back there. Yes you, the small handful of lovers of 2D hand-painted backgrounds. Count me in among your ranks, but hear me out. With a project of this scale, I don’t think we would be able to do 2D graphics all the way like we did for TM. TM took me three years. Three years of obssessing over how I haven’t finished x background and y cutscene. If 3D can speed up the process, then I’m all for it. So long as it still looks good, of course. I’m still a very visual person, so if a game doesn’t LOOK good, I’m not 100% satisfied. I’m shallow that way.

OOT will be episodic. We’ve tentatively planned four episodes, each the length of The Marionette. That may be changed in future, depending on what happens as we develop the storyline.

OOT will be commercial.

Why commercial? Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see us making much profit from game-making alone, so I’m not about to quit my day job yet. But it’s not reasonable to expect some of the talent we’re getting to work on this game to work for free, so we’ve decided to go commercial.

Still, we’re really excited about OOT, and I hope that, if you stay tuned to this blog and follow its development, you will be as excited about it as we are.

8 thoughts on “Out of Time: New game from Team Effigy

  1. JimiH

    I have just finished The Marionette and it was great pleasure. It really reminded me Silent Hill games, but I think it’s not something to be ashamed of… no, it’s big sucess to made game like that. So I am looking forward to your next adventure. I wish you luck and lot of fun by making your dreams possible!

  2. Auriond Post author

    Thanks JimiH! I don’t think we’re ashamed of The Marionette; it’s just that there were many times that I wanted to do something in The Marionette but “it’s just not that kind of game”. With the new game there should be room for all these things I want to do. :)

  3. strava

    Dude! The Marionette is the most awesome adventure game I’ve ever played.I’m waiting Out Of Time but please be hurry! :)

  4. Khyle

    Hey, strava. Thanks for the compliment!
    We’re (rather, I’m) heavy in pre-production (aka: writing) for Out of Time right now. We don’t have any proposed release date (it’s still way too early), but once we have enough material we’ll be doing a press release. So look forward to that! Be patient with us: writing the initial story and script is one of the most delicate parts of game development. It takes time if we want it to be as developed as The Marionette. We’ll keep you posted, though!

  5. Auriond Post author

    Hey strava! Thanks for the great compliment :D I’m afraid good things require quite a bit of time though. The Marionette took four years from conception of game idea to finish. I’m hoping Out of Time won’t take so long, what with a team already in place and everything, but you never know.

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