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New beginnings

Well, it’s been a while. As you can see, I’ve given the site a makeover. I think this new theme looks pretty spiffy, don’t you?

I’ve also, sadly, disabled comments as I’ve been swamped with spam lately. I probably will have to use Akismet at some point, but not now. For now, if you would like to contact me with your thoughts, my email is on the right.

What’s the occassion? Well, there’s the fact that The Marionette has been translated into Italian by the very talented girls at RuM Corp.(se). You can download it at I hear it’s been getting very positive reviews from Italian gamers, so that is very heartening!

In other news, it seems I’m mostly alone again. Three years is a very long time. People fall out of touch in that time; it’s a fact of life, and Team Effigy has always been a restless, shifting entity.

However, this does not spell doom for Out of Time. That particular game(s) is still being developed. The only difference is that I’ve had to scale it down. I’m back to using AGS, because it’s familiar to me. The good news is, that means scripting is moving along pretty quickly. (In response to a comment in one of the previous posts, I haven’t learned Java because I simply don’t have the time to learn a new language and code an engine from scratch.) After scripting the first few rooms, I’ll have to do up the sprites, and possibly a couple of cutscenes, and then I’ll have a tech demo ready to gather feedback about the gameplay. Hopefully, I’ll have learned from the mistakes of The Marionette!

That’s all for now. Hope to have better news in a couple months’ time.